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There are numerous groups that deal with people of various ages within the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.
For instance, the Caleb group works with individuals 50 years of age and older.

These groups’ members help one another emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The Youth Power Group (YPG) is made up of young people between the age of 14 and 35.

The youth in this group are shown how to enjoy their youth and live pleasant lives in a Godly manner.

The group Intellimen is responsible for grooming men and helping them grow and develop in all facets of their everyday lives.

Godllywood teaches women how to care for themselves spiritually, physically, and emotionally with the aid of a Divine assistance.

The Assistants group consists of individuals who voluntarily offer their all to practising and proclaiming God’s will to others.

They do not receive compensation for the service they do.

The prison group includes everyone who has offered to help the inmates and their family in various parts of the nation by providing them with spiritual, physical, and emotional guidance.

Power Teen UNIVERSAL (PTU), Boys and girls in this group range in age from 11 to 13 years old.

About Power Teen Universal


The most delicate stage, both emotionally and spiritually, is this one.

Teenagers learn what is expected of them in life at this stage.

The young boys and girls in this age group are highly quick to take in and process new knowledge.

Here, parents must be extremely watchful with their kids to prevent them from receiving bad advice and straying from the path.

This is precisely why the UCKG chose and trained men and women of God.

To teach this generation’s youth how to communicate with themselves and how to evaluate the information they pay attention to.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.(Proverbs 22:6)

As stated in the aforementioned verse, the bible also instructs us as to what we should do, little boys and girls.

If you show them the path to go, they won’t stray from it.


What Contend of information can this age group be given?


Keep the following in mind when selecting activities for children aged eleven to thirteen:

1) Children between the ages of eleven and thirteen can engage in a wide range of activities.

Games and competitions are excellent learning tools.

2) That the fundamental objective is to enamour them with God’s message to support and guide them in dedicating their ways to God as they mature.

3) It’s crucial to look for activities that will encourage them to make connections to the Bible and environments where they can conduct research in the Bible.

These are some of the Things their mind is prone to

  • Most of the time, they respect and like their parents.
  • Hero worship is widespread.
  • Their sense of justice and wrongdoing is growing.
  • Their conscience is softening, and they comprehend the importance of repentance.
  • They are really good at remembering things.
  • They are improving their ability to think relationally.
  • Friends are vital, and each person has a special best buddy.
  • They are increasingly interested in the other sex and sexual differences are becoming more visible.
  • They take pleasure in engaging in a range of group interactions, including:
  • Talking
  • Activities for groups and clubs Competitions
  • Humour and jokes.
  • They enjoy communicating in various ways:
  • Writing letters and stories on a phone or computer for an excessive amount of time

Relating to the Bible at This Age:


Children can typically read a passage of Scripture or a short Bible tale by the time they are preteens.

They can be instructed to recite a verse or group of verses, then:
sketch out what they have read.

Draw attention to the key phrases and/or Based on what they have read, give the characters’ names and brief descriptions.

Help them read a verse, a passage of verses, or a passage from the Bible, and then have them explain what the reading reveals about God.

How the reading has changed the pre-thoughts teen’s and feelings, and/or what actions they might take in light of what they have just read.

Teaching Tips


Assistants organize extracurricular activities and gatherings for kids outside of the classroom.

In order for the teens to get involved in church programs, assistants also assist them in making connections with other church members.

When others meet, teenagers of this age are frequently ready to lead songs, pray, go on visits to senior family members. Assist in charitable endeavours.
Assistants give memorized verses to study.

These Scriptures will be frequently employed throughout their lives once they are committed to memory.


By utilizing the teens’ passion of teamwork and competitiveness, teachers can get them involved in studying the Bible and going over the story’s key details.

Help children to understand which heroes to admire and which not to.

Help them understand how to prioritize God in their choices of allegiances and priorities.

Support and encourage the teens in their developing connection with God, but without pressuring them to go beyond their own stage of understanding.

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