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In Bars

Universal Beyond Bars

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The Meaning Of UBB.

The prison ministry of the Universal Church is called Universal Beyond Bars (UBB).

Their goal is to give prisoners who are currently incarcerated hope. help for former prisoners after they are freed from custody.

Regardless of the circumstances, God’s power transcends barriers and has the ability to change anyone’s life.

UBB visits inmates while they are incarcerated to offer advice, Spiritual counseling, and emotional support.

It holds meetings within the jail where inmates hear a message of faith and many make the decision to start a new life in different areas across the world.

Universal Beyond Bars

It also goes out to the prisoners’ families, who also reside in captivity owing to the psychological suffering they endure and the lack of control over the future.

Visit The Universal Church nearby and meet with the pastor if you want to learn more about the work of UBB in your region.

“When I was naked, you clothed Me; when I was ill, you visited Me; when I was in jail, you visited Me.” (Matt. 25:36)

The Society’s Reality As It Is

The large number of young people behind bars is concerning.

Some of these families are even financially stable, but because their parents didn’t pay attention to them.

They were angry and ended up killing someone or going in the wrong direction.

On the other side, some people don’t even know who their parents are, while others developed a similar lifestyle after growing up in a home where crime was accepted as usual.

Kenya UCKG

What to Do?

There is a solution available for them, which is wonderful news.

Pastors and volunteers from Universal Beyond Bars, an organization founded by The Universal Church to assist prisoners and their families, frequently visit prisoners in prison.

The volunteers are available to the prisoners during this time so they can speak with them, ask for prayers, and write down their prayer request.

Acts performed by UBB are voluntary, both within and outside of jails.

It has grown in significance and utility as we look for an equitable and less violent society.

In order to free them from their own minds and the thoughts that imprison them, UBB uses the Word of God.

Kenya UCKG

Visit The Universal Church closest to you if you have a loved one who is incarcerated, in jail, or a juvenile facility and would like us to pay a visit. We will try our best to do so.

You can call +254 700 391 485 or +254 729 243 699 for help.

Each year, millions of people are imprisoned all around the world.

In light of this, the church has created a programme that is intended only to aid offenders’ spiritual rehabilitation.

By assisting them in escaping the mental prison inside of them, we try to change what is inside of them.

Many prisoners encounter the harsh reality of life outside the prison walls after serving their time.

While some people are lucky enough to have the support of family and friends, others are totally abandoned.

They determine that returning to prison is preferable to remaining outside in the absence of any conditions or stability.

Others leave with the same attitude that led to their detention in the first place, carrying resentments and animosity with them.

What could be done to alter this Situation?

The Universal Church developed the Universal Beyond Bars project with this query in mind.

Kenya UCKG

This project’s goal is to demonstrate to the prisoners that a truly fresh life is waiting for them outside and to share the gospel with them.

It is not to show them another church or repeat verses to them that they have previously heard many times.

We receive worldwide transformational testimonies every week.

Some prisoners who have been abandoned by their loved ones are getting letters from them again as they prepare for release.

Because they are aware of the changes in their loved ones’ lives, even the chaplains and policemen commend us on the work we are doing.

The men also express their gratitude for our time and work.

Don’t give up if you have someone imprisoned; it’s not the end.

By your faith, God can and will change your loved one.

God will take care of the rest; all you have to do is your part.

If you need assistance seeing a loved one who is imprisoned, you can contact the pastor at a UCKG close by or make arrangements with us via the platforms below;

Call us at (254) 729-243-699 or (254) 700-391-485,

Chat with us on WhatsApp or Telegram,

Or email us at
For more spiritual enforcement, you can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

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