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Love is one of the most greatest fruits that God gave us. It is very important for us to find God so us to have this Fruit manifested in us.

Through the Thursday chain of prayer, we need to make a commitment to ourselves that we will fight for our families and romantic relationships.

We ask for the blessings and salvation of our families in this Chain of Prayer.


We prayed against the Spirit of Lovelessness on the first Thursday of September.

Even when they are surrounded by people, some people nevertheless feel unloved and alone. People who are possessed by this demonic Spirit experience loneliness.

They consistently find it tough to love and trust someone, even when they are in a relationship.

The physical aspect of love in marriage.

The second Thursday, we discussed the physical aspects of love, such as sex and making love while married.

One of the most delicate aspects of marriage is this. Many people abuse it, while others execrate it. Therefore, during this lecture, we were attempting to teach people how to respect their partners when it comes to creating love.

Men work hard, so let’s take an example: you might have gone to work in the morning, returned in the evening, and decided to skip the bath so you could go to bed smelling damp. That is disrespectful to your wife, and vice versa.

Children and parents with no peace

On the third Thursday, we were discussing kids and parents who couldn’t find any serenity. Many individuals are willing to sacrifice everything they own in order to obtain peace, which has historically been among the world’s most elusive commodities.

Because peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and something that only God can offer, we prayed for peace in families and marriages.

The following week’s focus was how to move past the past. Simply because of the past, many marriages, families, and relationships collapse.

The Past

kenya UCKG

Many people struggle with their past, which has posed a risk to their wellbeing.
The past can be  both an obstacle or a springboard for a better future for you.
As an illustration, there are motivational speakers today.

Some people have charitable organisations that support abused women because their own experiences were so traumatic and agonising that they resolved to aid other people who are going through the same thing.

You can see that these people’s history is now a stepping stone to a better future.
You can never advance if you are a captive of your past.

Well,  We all have a past, but we can’t let that dictate how we live in the present.

The past is like a scar; it’s visible and palpable, but it no longer hurts since it was treated.
So, in order to move on or enter a new relationship, you must first recover from your past.

Do not begin a relationship if you are unhappy since relationships are not designed to make people happy. In order to make the other person happy, you must first find pleasure for yourself.

Some people believe that getting married will make them happy even though they are sad now. This is false! that is a lie since you intend to present this individual with the whole of who you are.

Before getting married, you must first ensure that your history is behind you and that you are content with who you are today.
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