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What is IntelliMen?

It is a group for men who wish to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives. Men helping men, sharing wonderful things, striving to get better every day, and having fun while doing it.



In the past, being a male was very straightforward. Early on, you were taught to fight to defend yourself and hunt for food.

Those that were good at it would succeed in life and still be able to take the girl home.When a father was evaluating a young man to marry his daughter, that was the fundamental requirement he would place on him.

She also didn’t have high expectations. Love was frequently secondary.

Women don’t make huge lists of qualities like, “He must be kind, have a wonderful sense of Humor, love taking long walks on the beach, be romantic, be sensitive to my needs, smell nice, love animals, accept me as I am, etc.

That wouldn’t happen like that
“Are you willing to risk your life to keep me safe? Can you provide for me on par with or even better than my father? Put a ring on this.” Just like that.

But alas, being a guy in the twenty-first century is quite another. The world is now different. Women today are distinct.

And a lot of males are falling behind and having a hard time catching up. Men who are Disoriented, Dissatisfied, and Discredited are the outcome.

Introducing Intellimen

The project name is an amalgamation of the phrases intelligent and men, as you may have already guessed.

In addition to sounding like a superhero, which every man has secretly wanted to be since he was a child, we chose this name because it perfectly captures the project’s objectives: to develop smarter and better men in every way.

Superpowers like the ability to fly, hover, or become invisible are not yet something we can promise, but we are working on it.

The concept will initially concentrate on improving everyday men. You must be between the ages of 8 and 88 to join.

After that, my friend, you might want to realize that you are firmly established in your ways and things won’t change all that much any more.

There is still place for one more, though, if you still want to give it a shot.Our tagline will be “making guys better.” Considering that we are wise men, our goal.

Let’s go together and share our knowledge as we go. But be ready for TROUBLES. You will be pushed to improve in all facets of your life.

And in order to be an IntelliMen, you must never back down from a challenge or fail to finish it.

You need humility most of all, which is the essential component of any learning. We can’t assist you if you don’t acknowledge that you need to get better.

Even if you are already powerful and successful in many areas, you must realize that strength alone won’t bring success. (1) Samuel (2)To be a man, you need more than just muscles.

More crucial factors are intelligence, faith, and character.

  • Who may take part?
    Men of any age who are prepared to abide by the guidelines set forth in our Manifesto.
  • How do I become involved?
    Read this Manifesto in its entirety carefully, comprehend its terms, make a commitment to the undertaking, and finish the weekly tasks that will be distributed to the group every Sunday.
  • Men of any age who are prepared to abide by the guidelines set forth in our Manifesto.
  • Where do I sign up?
    somewhere on earth. Neither a city nor a state nor a nation can contain The IntelliMen.
  • To interact with the blog and social networks of the group, all you need is Internet access.

If you are a man and you would like to Join this great Movement, to become a better man everyday and improve on your way of life, you can reach us via the information below;

Call us on +254 729 243 699 or +254 700 391 485

You can as well chat with us on WhatsApp and Telegram

Alternatively email us on;

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