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Bishop Macedo, the founder of the UCKG, began his ministry with the goal of helping the underprivileged and abandoned by providing them with both physical assistance and spiritual direction in order to improve and transform their lives.

Since then, 1977, the UCKG’s global mission has remained the same.

Serving God by extending a helping hand to the less fortunate, the forgotten, and the despairing providing the essential physical and Spiritual support.

According to Proverbs 19:17, “He who has compassion on the destitute lends to the Lord, and he will repay what he has given.”

The UCKG Kenya has contributed to this fantastic movement of community support in a number of ways;

1) By donating blood

The Healthcare services of Kenya website states that more than 200 new donors are required every day to meet the nation’s demand for blood donations.

To help save the lives of people in need, members of the Universal Church in Kenya have volunteered to become blood donors.

Kenya UCKG

Blood donation is one of the most effective ways to save lives. Did you know that your plasma, platelets, and red blood cells have the potential to save up to three lives?

Your donation of blood saves lives in an emergency and helps those who require long-term therapies.

2) Food Donation

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), approximately 35.5% of Kenya’s population was estimated to be living in poverty by 2016.

Essentially, this indicates that more than one-third of kenyans are struggling to make ends meet.

By providing food contributions and other forms of support to those living below the poverty line, the UCKG members and its leadership have been a crucial part of giving those people hope.

Kenya UCKG

Additionally, the UCKG extended a helping hand to the Maasai homeland. Access to food and other necessities has been a difficulty for the Masai population.

Two Maasai villages, Kajiado Mile 46 and Mosiro Narok, had their water drilled by the Church.

In addition to receiving food contributions and free water, the Maasai people now have a location where they can receive Spiritual Help and support.

Kenya UCKG

3) The Medical Camps


One of the most effective methods employed by UCKG Kenya to assist the community has been the organization of Free Medical Camps.

Health-wise, a lot of individuals have been suffering—not because they wanted to, but as a result of their inability to use or afford medical facilities.

Because of this, the UCKG decided to support the local community by holding medical camps.

Many people were able to learn about their health status and have access to free medication as a result of this effort.

It made me happy to see people of all ages taking advantage of the free healthcare services that have been difficult for them to access.

The UCKG enjoys serving God through serving the People. Notably, in preventing souls from entering damnation.

You may take part in this wonderful initiative to brighten people’s days and, more importantly, win their hearts to Christ.

Dial +254 729 243 699 or +254 700 391 485 to reach us via phone.

Alternatively, you can message us on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Additionally, you can send an email to

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