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Nothing is more discouraging than realising that your efforts were in vain and that your accomplishment was insufficient to address your underlying problems that leads to void. Which raises the following query:

How can a person fill their soul with genuine joy and be free from the void?

Numerous things might come to mind, such a robust and cohesive family, an ample bank account, and excellent health. But in contrast to popular belief, obtaining success on the outside alone does not guarantee true contentment and inner happiness.

So where do these empty feelings come from, and what does it mean to be completely free?

Many have fallen into a deep and lonely hole due to a variety of losses, including losing a loved one, losing their job, having debts, and many more. Others claim that their unfulfilled goals or lack of fortune are to blame.

Time cannot mend an empty soul; one must confront these damaging feelings in order to overcome the inner emptiness, regardless of its cause.

This was more clearly articulated in the apostle Paul’s epistle to the Galatians. When the Living God is present within a person, they can experience true joy, serenity, and fulfilment:

The attributes of the Spirit include love, joy, and peace. (NKJV: Galatians 5:22)

Mark this date on your calendar if you or someone you know can connect to the aforementioned themes and would wish to experience God’s joy, peace, and power:


We will have the “Day to Fill the Void” in all of our Universal Churches on Sunday, June 23 at 10 a.m. A day to support people who have run out of ways to satisfy a hole in their souls that can only be filled by God’s Spirit.

If you need to talk to one of our pastors right now and can’t wait until this date, you can call us at our 24-hour helplines. Someone will be there to assist you!

WhatsApp, Telegram or call: +254 729 243 699 / +254 700 391 485 24hr helpline.

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