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It is difficult to discover people who prioritise the needs of others above their own, much less those who remember to glorify God, in a society where everyone is encouraged to put oneself first—their needs, hopes, and desires.

Giving up your plans, ego, and all that defines you in order to honour God necessitates personal sacrifice. God will only be able to show His might and fulfil His promises when a decision has been made to completely submit to His will.

In the Universal Church worldwide, June will be observed as the “Month of Honour” for people who choose to put God above themselves.

Numerous scriptures discuss the importance of respecting God and the advantages that follow from doing so:

I will honour those who honour Me, and I will regard those who despise Me with little respect.” NKJV 1 Samuel 2:30

You are welcome to come to the Sunday Morning services held at your neighbourhood Universal Church every week at 10 a.m. to find out more about how you can glorify God every day.

In addition, listen to Milele Fm Radio workers Prayer Program at 5:40 a.m. for a faith-based message and prayer for workers. You can connect with us also via Youtube and Facebook every Midday and Midnight for more prayer. Also, every Sunday at 7:30 a.m, Tune in to k24 tv for our I am Soul Precious Programme.

For more information, you can reach us through the following platforms: WhatsApp, Telegram or call, +254 729 243 699 / +254 700 391 485

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