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The study of God’s word

Kenya UCKG

We all seek insight and solutions when presented with challenging events in life.

Similar to a student who is going to take an exam, he or she must conduct extensive research to determine which should be the potential response to each question.

The same is true in daily life, thus every day brings a new set of challenges.

The crucial query, though, is how and where we might locate the potential answers and solutions to the inquiries and tests we encounter on a regular basis.

This is where many people make mistakes and provide incorrect solutions and answers to the tests they must pass in life.

Consider the following scenario:

Kenya UCKG

Students are about to take an exam, and it is assumed that the exam in front of them will be a mathematical exam.

If the students begins to do their research on biology, physics, or any other subject that is unrelated to mathematics, they will undoubtedly fail.

It’s also crucial to remember;

The students in the aforementioned example did not fail because he or she was a poor student or did not deserve to pass; rather, it was because the students conducted his or her study in the improper places before giving the answers.

This has been the main cause of why many people, specifically Christians, struggle in life because they seek the wrong information when trying to find solutions to problems.

The purpose of the BIBLE STUDY service, which is offered by the Universal Church, is to provide you with the knowledge you need to respond to and address the daily tests we encounter in everyday life. It is known as the school of intelligent faith.

These are some of the suggestions you should keep in mind to ensure that you are using this service correctly:

Kenya UCKG

1) Do you think that the information you are studying in the Bible is pure and vetted by God Himself?
2) Do your current priorities take precedence over your past goals?
3) Are you willing to follow directions about your course of study?
4) Are you prepared to pay attention and follow the advice given by the study?
If so, you should start your bible study right away.
If you have access to an infinite quality quantity of books, bible study can make you a highly and most useful tool in God’s kingdom.
An occasional reading from the Bible could improve this kind of investigation.At both your highest and lowest points, the Bible will also guide and lead you.

In addition to the church books written by Bishop Edir Macedo, the founder of the UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
You may join this fantastic movement.



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