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The Righteous

Righteousness should be observed rather than displayed.


For instance, a virtuous person should not begin demonstrating his or her righteousness to others.

Instead, this person should depict righteousness by his or her behavour, character and words.

The reason why many people choose to live a fictitious life is explained above. Being righteous is a virtue that cannot be satirized.

No matter how hard someone tries, when a tiny problem pops up, the true personality comes through.

Righteousness has nothing to do with how you come across to others, particularly those in positions of authority over you, such as pastors, bishops, pastor’s wives, your boss, or investors.

We are all aware that during this event we will always act modestly, respect others, and make high-level eye contact.

There is no righteousness there; you are simply acting in a proper manner in front of your superiors.


However, being righteous has much to do with how you regard those who cannot harm you before you. people who consider you to be superior.

What do you do when you are by yourself and nobody is looking at you? Righteousness can then be shown in a person at this moment.

“Be careful! Don’t perform good deeds in public to win praise from others; if you do, your reward from your heavenly Father will be forfeited. (Matthew 6:1)

The Pharisees loved to pray aloud in front of others. They enjoyed donning their religious attire and depositing their offering in the metal jug so that others might hear the pennies jingle.
To receive others’ praise, they would do anything.

Their faith was founded on men’s adoration.

They continued to believe that God would reward them.

But it was a fluffy form of faith.

Although it had a wonderful appearance, it lacked substance.

True disciples, in contrast, strive for a righteousness that only needs to be seen by God.

When we are righteous, we prioritize getting God’s blessing over all else.

in Matthew 6:33 But put God’s kingdom and righteousness first, and everything else will be given to you.

This speaks about life’s priorities. It explains how you should live your life while still on earth.

Many people have various things they are looking for in life;

Fame, wealth

Career development

A good wage

A bright future

A successful retirement

A potential spouse

The realization of dreams

Even while those things are great, they are not the most crucial aspects of life.

They are merely a perk we get when we prioritize God’s kingdom and His righteousness.

His Righteousness


It entails having his Word serve as your guide and making an effort to live a way that pleases Him. Living a life that is blameless in His eyes and in the eyes of others.

This is precisely how God discovered Abraham.

You see, when you think of righteousness, Abraham and our Lord Jesus Christ are the first names that come to mind.

Yes, there are many biblical heroes who lived exceptionally moral lives, such as Job, Noah, King David, who was called a man after God’s own heart, and many others.

Abraham, however, becomes the first name that springs to mind when discussing righteousness.

When we discuss righteousness, the words “hunger” and “thirst” come to mind.

These are two concepts that drive us from the inside out, causing us to seek God’s approval above all else rather than the approval of mankind anymore.

Each of us has the potential to lead a life like this. In fact, Jesus makes it clear that God will bless those who live in this way.

Those who thirst and hunger for righteousness are blessed because they will be satisfied.
NKJV Matthew 5:6

This is really powerful, isn’t it?

Why then do we all live in this manner?
We are directly brought to another significant principle by this query.



Jesus spoke to those who were aware of what it meant to be hungry or thirsty.

Few people lived in prosperity in that area, and it is highly probable that those who were listening that day had at some point felt the kind of hunger he is referring to.

Without access to refrigerators, grocery stores, or running water, they lived in destitution. They might have been without nourishment for days. Hunger was a familiar feeling to them.

Like these people, we may have never truly experienced hunger.
For us, hunger means having to wait an extra ten minutes for the rolls to bake or thirty minutes for the sermon to end.

Most of us define hunger as the feeling in our stomachs that causes us to stop at a restaurant even though we just had a meal two hours prior for fries and a cold beverage.
On the planet, we are the best-fed people.

Finding food isn’t the issue; rather, it’s getting rid of the excess fat from overeating.

Jesus employs the analogies of food and drink to inspire people to live moral lives.

In the next lesson on righteousness, let me make four observations that will help us satisfy the spiritual hunger in our souls and lead to a life of righteousness.

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