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Fast Of Daniel

What Is The Fast Of Daniel ?


The fast outlined in Daniel chapter 10 of the Bible serves as the foundation for the Fast of Daniel.

Daniel made the decision to go on a 21-day fast in an effort to win God’s favour as well as to get insight and understanding from Him.

Distractions are now one of the worst things that can interfere with our connection with God.

They continually barrage us with entertainment and secular knowledge in all kinds.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear, as the Lord Jesus would say. (See Matthew 13:9)

It’s necessary to let go of bad choices that have kept you from God in order to receive the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps you are battling undesirable emotions like pride, resentment, bad eyes, etc. that could be harmful to your spiritual life and eventually impede your relationship with Him.

He will pour out His Spirit onto you and work huge miracles in your life if you are humble enough to see that you need to change.

Why participate in this endeavour?


You are welcome to start this purpose with us in order to see benefits in every area of your life. The fundamental goal of the fast is to receive the Holy Spirit.

This goal goes beyond avoiding eating, just as fasting implies more than avoiding secular entertainment or knowledge.

The fast demands us to refrain from certain behaviours, but it also calls for the appropriate mentality, which will enable you to accomplish your goals.

You are also encouraged to help those who are suffering, as the Bible states in Isaiah 58:6–9, as that is the kind of fast that truly pleases God and helps to loosen the chains that people who are suffering are under.

Giving draws God’s attention and gives Him more justification for sending the Holy Spirit to us.

God will perform a work in the life of the individual who has made themselves available when the job of breaking the yoke is successfully completed, just as it is stated:

The Lord’s splendour will serve as your rear guard as “then your light shall break forth like the sunrise, your healing shall spring up quickly, and your righteousness shall go before you.” in Isaiah 58:8

How can I take part?


This is your chance to think as God thinks; to ponder on His Word and converse with Him in prayer to experience a genuine contact with the Creator.

This is the time if you want to grow spiritually and obtain His seal.

The daily messages from Bishop Macedo will guide you on this trip; read them. Utilize them for your personal and spiritual development.

For a potent message that will aid you in your journey and encourage you to seek the Holy Spirit.

Be sure to join  Pastor Kevin in Midday Prayer and Midnight Prayer at Kenya UCKG on Facebook and YouTube from Monday through Friday.

For more spiritual advice, you can also watch our Sunday services at 10 am and our school of intelligent faith services every Wednesday at 6 pm on Facebook and YouTube.

You can reach us at +254 729 243 699 or +254 700 391 485 for further details. Additionally, you can SMS us using the same contact on Telegram or WhatsApp.

Or write us an email on

You Can as well visit one of the UCKG branch near near you and speak to the Pastor and explain to him that you would like to join this great movement.

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