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The Love

The Love Walk 2022: A Walk to remember:

What is The Love walk?

Kenya Uckg

This is a great opportunity where couples enjoys quality time with their other half, whilst singles mingle amongst themselves with the hope of finding their suitable partner.

Kenya Uckg

During this event, we give people a template of questions to ask each other. These questions are made to promote healthy conversations with their significant other.

Kenya UCKG

This year we are going to ensure that we invest in all singletons, giving them the best experience possible! We understand that everyone is different, some people are shyer than others, so with this in mind, we will arrange different activities and games to get the conversation flowing amongst all the single people present.

This event is beneficial to all from couples to singles, it is a great investment in love and getting to know your other half better by spending quality time with them.

We are sure that this Love Walk will mark a turnaround for many couples and singletons!

The love walk 2022 will be on the 29th of October.

Have you got your kit?


We invite everyone who wants to be part of this great movement, even if you are not a member of the UCKG.

You can reach us through the following platforms for more information

Helplines: +254 729 243 699 or +254 700 391 485

Or you can chat with us on Telegram and WhatsApp

You can also write and email on:

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