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The Second of four Steps that satisfies our spiritual hunger and prepares us for a life of righteousness.


2.Take action

Appetites are not satisfied until you take action.

Intellectually stating that you are hungry and want to eat is one thing.

To take action to sate your hunger and quench your thirst is quite another.

You must eventually go eat or drink.

A loss of appetite is a symptom of illness, by the way.

When we are physically unable to rouse the desire to eat, we know something is amiss.
Consider nursing mothers as an example.

How do they know when a six-month-old child is sick?.

To signal danger and to express that he or she is in agony somewhere, the child remains silent.

Loss of appetite is one of the most prevalent indications that mothers might use.

A youngster who declines milk is either expressing fullness or that something is wrong.

Spiritually, the same is valid.


When we no longer want for alone time with God to spend reflecting on His word.

When we aren’t in the mood to pray or when we need to be reminded.

We no longer give it top importance.

when we do not have a commitment to God’s things. We fail to be frightened by our sinful state.

We eventually start to become less interested in religious movements.

The symptoms of spiritual illness become immediately apparent.

when we stop taking the necessary steps to grow and strengthen our connection with God.

similar to how a caution light on a car’s dashboard is more than just a light.

but a sign that the car undoubtedly has a problem.

If nothing is done, you could suffer from crushing.

John 6:35, 51 quote from Jesus

“I am the source of all life.

No one who comes to Me will ever go without food or drink, and no one who trusts in Me will ever experience thirst.

I am the descending living bread from heaven.

Anyone who consumes this bread will have eternal life.

My flesh shall be the bread I give for the sustenance of the earth.”

What Jesus is saying makes sense in today’s terminology.

It’s similar to when your iPhone has a problem and the owner of the Apple corporation phones to say, “I make iPhones; if yours has a problem, bring it to me.”

We shall turn to the Creator of life, the Lord Jesus, when we have a spiritual issue or are spiritually starving.

God is what we really long for.

Like David, we should recite the following:

“O God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in you.”

This is where the main issue lies.


When looking for answers to their difficulties, many people turn to the wrong sources and locations.

-Addictions; -Pleasure, performance, or possessions
Family, friends, etc.

This is similar to getting a stomach ache and then eating junk food on top of it.

You won’t get aid; you’ll just do more harm.

All you have to do is occasionally read the Bible, go to church, and make time to talk to your spiritual leader, such as a bishop, a pastor, the bishop or pastor’s wife, or the assistants if you visit the UCKG.

God declares in ISAIAH 55:2.

“Why do you waste your hard-earned money on cotton candy and junk food? Pay close attention to what I say: Fill yourself exclusively with the greatest foods.”

Many individuals nowadays are searching for fulfilment in all the wrong areas and trying to sate their heart’s desire with things from this world.

You must visit Jesus, who is the very wellspring of life.

You must eat from Him and learn from God’s Word.

You must appreciate His strength, forgiveness, and attributes of love and kindness.

The difference you require can only be seen after that.

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