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Benjamin Shikunye Mwikhali came to UCKG through listening to radio Jambo at his home in Kitale.

”I was poor, sick and defeated with debts from my brothers, friends and banks” he said.

No one ever wanted to associate with him including his own family members and his close friends.

Due to that, he decided to run away from home to Nairobi in search of green pastures.

He got a job as a day time watchman, but before he had said that by the time he gets to Nairobi he will come to UCKG which he never did because he got a job.

He became seriously sick and the same problems he was facing while at home started again.

”I was hospitalist and later send away because of lack of money to raise the hospital bills and I was in pain” he admitted.

That is when he decided to come to Universal church.


By the time he was coming, there was a movement of the cross of which the pastor was explaining saying, whoever touches the cross in faith, God will relieve him/her of his/her problems.

“I touched the cross and I was healed on that day.

After the service immediately I was introduced to the chains of prayers from Monday to Sunday” He confessed with joy.

He also learned how to use his faith on the altar and participated in several campaigns of Israel.

Today he is working in a logistic company delivering goods to and from South Africa.

His family is at peace now, he is free from debts and he has peace because Jesus transformed His life.

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