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Our Sunday Services


Our 10am Sunday morning services are not your average religious ceremonies that are attended for convenience.

These Sunday meetings aim to help people connect with God, to empower people and teach them how to use their faith to achieve what they want in their lives. All are welcome regardless of age, gender, background or beliefs.

Other Services


We also have other meetings happening through the day with a service at 8am for those who have a busy schedule and cannot make it for 10 o’clock and other services of the day.

12:30pm for those who want prayerful support in their fight against addictions, depression, spiritual attacks and bad habits in their lives.

1:30pm is the service of the youth. In this meetings, we intend to teach the youth on how to enjoy life in a Godly way. We engage the youth in activities that will help them to be responsible in life, and grow up into men and women of God that can serve as a good example in the society.

3:30pm, is the meeting of the disciples, after having a busy day of serving others, the disciples also need to be groomed spiritually and that is what happens in this meetings of 3:30pm.

you come to the service that that fits you. if you have a personal issue you will have a chance to speak to one of the the men and women of God who will advise you accordingly and God will give you a break through.

For more information, feel free to contact our 24/7 helpline on +254 729 243 699 or +254 700 391 485 or you send us an email on or at any time. You can also follow our service on Facebook and YouTube @KENYA UCKG on Sunday 10am and Wednesday 6pm live.

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